Fire Inspection Reports in Wpg, MB

A fire at your property could be devastating, potentially even resulting in the loss of life. At CMO HVAC, we offer professional fire inspection services for property owners in Winnipeg, MB.

Lower Your Fire Risk

The professional inspectors at CMO HVAC are your local experts in fire safety and prevention for your gas fired equipment. Our comprehensive fire inspection service is designed to reduce the likelihood of property loss, injury, or the loss of life due to fire at your property. We’re committed to arming property owners in Winnipeg, MB with the tools and education they need to decrease fire risk. The issues covered during a fire inspection include fire safety systems, general housekeeping, electrical systems, appliances, lighting, flammable liquids storage, and much more. And if risks are identified, we’ll provide you with a detailed plan for remediation.

Let us help you reduce the risk of fire at your property. Call CMO HVAC in Winnipeg, MB to inquire about our professional fire inspection service.

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